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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Cooper City

Pregnant woman holding bellyAt Alive & Free Chiropractic, we want to help you enjoy your pregnancy and have the birth process you’ve always wanted! Research shows that women who receive regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy experience shorter labor and delivery times, require fewer medical interventions, and recover faster than women who don’t receive chiropractic adjustments.

Expert Care

Our chiropractors utilize the Webster Technique, a specialized method of analyzing and adjusting the sacrum and pelvis to ensure optimal pelvic balance. When the pelvis is properly positioned, it relieves tension on the round ligaments and uterus, allowing your baby to grow, develop and get into the best position for birth.

We adhere to the philosophy of “test, don’t guess,” using state-of-the-art INSiGHT® scans to assess the state of your nervous system. These non-invasive, radiation-free scans are safe for you and your baby, and allow us to make credible recommendations for care based on objective testing and monitor improvement in your nervous system function.

Reducing Stress

By reducing stress in your nervous system, we also reduce stress in your baby’s nervous system, so your adjustments serve a dual purpose: you get to feel, move, and sleep better, and your baby gets to grow and develop optimally.

We recommend getting started with care as early as possible—even before you get pregnant. When you begin care with us before you start trying, we can help get your nervous system in tip-top shape, which can help your body be more receptive to conceiving. But even if you’re already pregnant, don’t worry! We’ve helped moms start at every stage of pregnancy.

Girl with head on mom's pregnant belly

Focus on Your Comfort

In our practice, we do everything possible to make getting the care you need convenient and comfortable. We have special tables, so you can lie face-down safely. We offer various adjustment methods—both hands-on and instrument-assisted—that are gentle, effective and safe for you and your baby.

Our practice is a true family practice, and we offer a kid-friendly environment. If you have other children, you can bring them to your appointment, and trust they’ll be fine and not get into any mischief. You can even schedule their appointments to coincide with yours, to save trips to the office.

We offer various payment options, and you are always welcome to use your HSA or FSA for any care in our office.

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