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A Natural Way to Address Your Child's Seasonal Allergies

happy toddler with dogSneezing. Runny nose. Red, water, and itchy eyes. These are common symptoms of seasonal allergies that plague not only many adults but plenty of kids as well. The traditional approach to managing kids’ seasonal allergies often involves prescribing allergy medication and keeping kids inside.

These approaches can limit the quality of children’s lives, as kids are meant to be outside, getting plenty of fresh air and soaking up the benefits of safe sun exposure. Plus, medications have unpleasant side effects.

Many parents have turned to holistic approaches centered around gut health to boost immune function. While this is a step in the right direction, more must be done. Specifically, it’s crucial to identify the root cause versus taking the bandage approach of masking symptoms.

Revealing the True Culprit

Subluxation is the actual culprit behind seasonal allergies and immune dysfunction. A subluxation disrupts the autonomic nervous system, causing stress and interference. This vital system regulates bodily functions, including the immune system. Subluxation throws off the balance, leading to increased inflammation and heightened allergies. Additionally, it suppresses the immune-boosting parasympathetic side.

Neurological Approach to Seasonal Allergy Management

In our practice, we prioritize a neurologically focused method for addressing seasonal allergies in children. By utilizing advanced INSiGHT scans, we can accurately detect subluxations and pinpoint neurological disruptions within the autonomic nervous system.

These scans enable us to identify the underlying causes and administer safe and gentle neuro-tonal adjustments. These adjustments effectively reduce stress on the sympathetic side while simultaneously revitalizing the parasympathetic nervous system. This comprehensive approach greatly improves your child’s gut and immune function.

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If you’re weary from searching for safe and effective solutions to alleviate your child’s seasonal allergies, we’re here to help. Call us or book an appointment for your child’s INSiGHT scans and start them on the path to lasting relief.

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