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Meet Dr. Bianca Espinoza

Dr. Bianca

Getting my first adjustment and seeing how it relieved my pain when nothing else did was what got me interested in chiropractic. What truly inspired me to choose chiropractic was when I learned what it can do for one’s health and wellness from the inside.”

Dr. Bianca realized that chiropractic was more than just pain relief; it was about achieving true health and helping others do the same.

Education & Professional Development

In 2019, Dr. Bianca earned her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University. To stay abreast of the latest in the field, she also takes 20 hours of continuing education annually. She uses several adjusting techniques that include Diversified, Activator, and Thompson.

Finding Fulfillment Helping Others

For Dr. Bianca, the most rewarding aspect of her job is making others feel good and function at their best. “I’m passionate about spreading the knowledge of chiropractic and the importance of taking care of and being aware of their health and bodies.”

Outside the Practice

In her spare time, Dr. Bianca likes to go to the gym 5-7 times a week doing a mix of weight lifting and cardio. She also likes to spend time with her son and family, and loves to eat!

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